July 4, 2018
Cousin Camp: Marble run

Brendan and I came and picked up our kids from the sleepover bright and early so that we could be in the pool for swimming lessons at 8:20am. Erika tagged along to watch, while Maria stayed back to help Isabelle catch ants.


Apparently they slept well and Karen said "They did very well. No reminders after lights out. And quiet in tent until I put the signal on the window telling them they could come in!"


Brendan and the kids headed back to Barrhaven after swimming but Janice picked me up from the pool to go for root canal part 2. It's actually the same blankety-blank tooth I wrote about previously, which basically hasn't been right since and was progressively getting worse. I had part 1 done three weeks ago - cleaning everything out, disinfecting and packing with antibiotics. The recovery was pretty awful but it does seem to be improved if not yet perfect. Lovely endodontist says I need a crown but we'll have to hold off until we're sure tooth is settled.


When Janice and I got back to Dave and Karen's the kids had settled into today's activity: the marble run! Isabelle had especially asked to build a marble run in the backyard today as it is her birthday! Everyone was very amused by my "British accent" (aka lisp) courtesy of three shots of freezing. I have to say I was feeling rather sorry for myself.


Erika and Maria came home with us for lunch and afterwards decided to go to the wading pool by Landsdowne park. Now that Matthew's five he doesn't have to be within arms length anymore so he had a wonderful time splashing around. Maria demonstrated her "toes of steel" on the burning hot sand at the adjacent playground. Amelia spent a long time trying to stand on a turtle shaped float board. We even dipped Michael's toes.

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