July 9, 2018
Vomiting blood

Our household is no stranger to episodes of gastro. In fact, we have so much experience that we have an "extreme vomiting" protocol that we generally institute as soon as anyone starts celebrating pukefest, as we not so affectionately refer to it.


In any case, Elizabeth had her friend Lindsay over making slime. I came home from karate with Matthew about 8:15pm and pale Elizabeth came to me in the kitchen and said "I don't feel good". I didn't even have time to send Lindsay home before Elizabeth was throwing up in the sink. She threw up five more times within the hour. Managed to sleep; then threw up in her sleep (which is always the worst).


We started with 1 tsp of Pedialyte every five minutes as per our regular routine. We took it down to 1cc every minute. That didn't help. Gravol was obviously not going to be any use.


By the time she threw up 10 times in three hours we decided we might want to seek some anti-nausea drugs at CHEO. Then she started to vomit blood and that was the clincher.


Final tally: 18 episodes in 6 hours. Eventually they gave her Zofran and just like that pukefest was over! Apparently she suffered mallory weiss tears. She’s on meds that smell like pure peppermint oil for the next 7-10 days to reduce the acidity of her stomach. We have more magical anti nausea tablets if she feels ill. She’s supposed to avoid any more vomiting. We are all completely onboard with that idea.

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