November 17, 2019
Inhouse Tournament

Matthew got to compete in sparring for the first time today at the in-house tournament.  He was very excited about this.  So excited that he apparently forgot his kata.  His sparring was amazing though.  His complete lack of fear worked to his advantage.  Despite being up against kids 1-2 years older (and thus bigger) he was a force to be reckoned with and not only held his own but won three of his four matches.  His first match the other kid was literally running away form him.  Another match he managed to come back from being down 0-4 to win 5-4.  He was one happy little boy with his silver medal.


Elizabeth's teammate Remi decided to compete up as last in-house she had no real competition as Elizabeth had moved up a division since she was now a black belt.  So this time they were back to competing against each other.  No more free rides.  Elizabeth beat Remi in kata with probably her best rendition of nipaipo yet and Remi won in sparring so they were both happy.  The judges decided to spare the poor third kid in the sparring the pain of being beat up by both Remi and Elizabeth and decided to just have Remi fight her and then have Remi fight Elizabeth for the gold/silver.  They also let the girls go to ten instead of the 5 points that they were capping most matches at.  Elizabeth also competed in bo for the first time and came super close to beating Oliva which was a big surprise.  Her bo skills have clearly come a long ways in a very short time.  Another week or two of practice and we think she'll be serious competition for Olivia.  Elizabeth was very pleased with her three medals and decided that competing in bo was a good idea.


Erika actually had some real competition this time.  No easy medals for her.  She had a large tough group of more experienced girls in kata and sparring.  Overall a good learning experience but no medals this time.

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