August 23, 2018
Lost tooth

Elizabeth came to me this afternoon to say that suddenly her tooth was loose. Expecting to see a tiny wiggle (which is usually what happens), I was surprised to discover she was able to flip it nearly upside down! Give it a good yank, I urged, hopeful that we’d have the tooth out before dinner but mentally trying to figure out a  loose tooth appropriate meal. She declared it impossible and ran outside to play with Mila. Five minutes later she was back! 


I may have gotten a little misty-eyed when I realized that we weren’t going to endure weeks of moaning about loose teeth and food!


Then Elizabeth really made my evening by casually declaring that her SHARED room (pointed emphasis hers) was too messy to expect the tooth fairy to find a tooth in, so she was just going to leave her tooth outside her room on the red room dresser.

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