March 4, 2018
Smiley Face Pancakes

Our bedtime routine has slowly evolved and Elizabeth is now reading her bedtime story to herself much of the time, though she does prefer someone to come and read at least part of the chapter with (or even better to) her.


Usually Daddy walks the baby up and down while I put the "middles" to bed. If they get dressed, brush their teeth and pick clothes for the next day without too much stalling, then we'll have a bedtime story before we attempt prayers and goodnight blessings. Prayer time is a bit of a trial, to be perfectly honest, but that's a whole different story...


One of Amelia and Matthew's favourite books at the moment is a Little Critter book called "You go first" by Mercer Mayer. Amelia likes it in part because it's really long so it delays bedtime (but it's not so long that I insist on not reading the whole thing), and also because it's a bit scary, but not too scary. Matthew likes the scooter part. Anyway, in the book the mom makes these amazing pancakes and the kid complains because he doesn't get the first one. My kids looked at each other and sighed. Then Matthew said: "and he doesn't even know what it's like to be a kid like me that NEVER got to eat smiley face pancakes at ALL". I can take a hint...

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