September 14, 2018
First day of preschool

Preschool started late this year because of renovations being done at the community centre.


But today was finally Amelia's first day of preschool. She was very keen to go back "to see her friends". Our next door neighbour Horatio is coming this year too, as well as Matthew's preschool buddy Adam's little sister Ally from around the corner. Amelia says she's going to help them settle in, although as luck would have it they were not in the same staggered entry day as Amelia.


We arranged a couple of playdates with Horatio in the days leading up to the start - one at our house and one at his house with some of the other preschool kids. Much fun was had!


Anyway, I was asked if I wouldn't mind doing the first day again and when they reminded me that meant I only had to bring snack for half the kids I was definitely on board. Amelia decided she wanted a "rainbow snack" of course. It was nice to get to know the two new teachers this year. Amelia was happy to be the "duty girl" but didn't particularly hover around me as she methodically went around the room checking out all the toys. She showed me which jobs she was going to do when she's grown up: a fire fighter and an artist. I was amused to observe her scissors "technique" which is neither effective nor safe. Something to work on!

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