January 18, 2010
Foolish Chicken

The observant will notice that although this entry is dated the 18th, I'm actually posting it on the 22nd... We're still all recovering from Elizabeth's fourth cold which she kindly shared with both mom and dad, as well as the craziness that was seeing Grandma and Grandpa H safely off to Portugal!  They have arrived by the way - Grandpa H's facebook status read Tuesday morning: "Made it to Porto with almost all our luggage ;) "


Elizabeth's first restaurant was the Foolish Chicken, a great celiac-friendly restaurant recommended to me by the Ottawa Celiac Association


She was as good as gold (maybe in the hopes Grandpa would keep feeding her his yummy sweet potato fries?).  We were very impressed with the restaurant.  Both the service and food were excellent!  They even gave us a private room so that Elizabeth could roam around (or scream!) without needing to worry about it.  That didn't turn out to be an issue but we really appreciated their thoughtfulness.


Elizabeth also had her first lemon, which she just loved.  Some of these shots are really blurry but the expressions are too funny to keep to ourselves.



On January 24, 2010 at 10:27 pm
Childlife said:
So sorry to hear little miss Elizabeth has a cold! :( Hope she's feeling better soon. Didn't know you were having to deal with celiac dietary issues too -- we're gluten-free/casein-free with our eldest's diet as well. Hope you're all feeling lots better very soon!

~Michelle @ 5MFNS
On January 26, 2010 at 04:52 pm
Janice said:
Definitely sounds like a place we should go sometime. Hope you are all better now.

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