October 10, 2018
Nine months

Michael at nine months is very active.  He goes, goes and goes.  In fact he goes so much that changing his diaper is getting to be quite challenging as he will flip over and take off the second it has been removed. Daddy has resorted to changing him by holding him down with his feet.  Aside from displeasure at being restrained for such inconveniences, he is a delightfully cheerful little boy.  Everyone still comments on how content he is and how beautiful his big blue eyes are. He is starting to make some more or less recognizable sounds ("all done", "mama") and certainly makes his desires understood.  Sometimes he sings quite elaborate complaining songs (we don't know what he's saying, but he is clearly complaining about the state of the world). Usually this is in response to being strapped into the car or stroller, especially if it is cold.


He has started bear crawling much of the time (knees off the ground). He likes to play peek-a-boo and will pass you objects and expect to get them back. He can tidy up, but prefers to untidy... Putting things into other things is great fun.


He is napping less (roughly twice a day but much less predictable timing).  He eats most things but in small quantities.  Yogurt is still a bit hit and he definitely prefers to feed himself although he seems to tolerate being fed by Elizabeth and sometimes Mommy.  He loves to explore and puts just about everything in his mouth.  With three older siblings leaving small objects around it is a full time job making sure he doesn't swallow something he shouldn't.  He is also at the opening cupboards and drawers stage aka finger amputation stage and very much enjoys putting things in and taking things out of said cupboards and drawers. He does not enjoy pinching his fingers. He is now quite proficient at climbing stairs (or anything else that is vaguely stair like such as mommy's computer), but still hasn't got the hang of going back down. His favorite thing though is playing with his siblings, which he will often do for hours.  He leaps with joy when they come home from school.

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