April 2, 2018
Magic Potions

One thing that drives me insane about the kids' current life stage is their desire to make magic potions.


Specifically, this involves raiding my spice, flour and flavouring cabinets, soap and a LOT of food colouring.


Now, I like to think I'm a chill mom about this sort of thing but while I can overlook using a few drops of food colouring here and there, it's much harder to focus on the creativity and fun of the activity when my yellow (hard to find in bulk) food colour just got (literally) poured down the drain, my pure vanilla extract bottle is half empty (why?? Why not use the artificial stuff?!?) and there's a couple of tablespoons of chili powder dumped all over the counter.


But then I take a deep breath, remember how much fun it was to make my brother eat "magic potions" (watered down shampoo, if I recall) and resolve to make sure the kids know that the magic only works if applied externally.... outside... to the ground...

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