May 3, 2018
Poutine Fest

We usually don't go to the many, many food related festivals here in Ottawa because I can't safely eat at them.


I'm a member of the local Ottawa Canadian Celiac Association facebook group though, and they had been going on and on about this celiac safe food truck for quite a few months, raving about the poutine and onion rings (neither of which I've had in a long time, and both of which I adore). Unfortunately, the Upper Deck truck normally parks in Orleans, which seemed like a long way to drive for fast food.


Anyway, there was a notice on the facebook page saying that the Upper Deck was participating in PoutineFest. A little investigation told me this was being held a short walk from church.... A scheme was born... It was a further walk than anticipated and the kids were disappointed when one of the other trucks ran out of the funky spiral fries they had their hearts set on. But I got my poutine and it was delicious. Very expensive, but delicious.

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