October 31, 2018

I have to say I quite enjoy the creepy Halloween food.


I made Halloween themed cupcakes for preschool (I did let my children eat a few too) and a special Halloween lunch which I was QUITE proud of because I made three special lunches at the last minute. Okay, so I was not proud of not having had my act together the night before but at least I pulled it off!


The real reason lunches had to be done at the last minute was because I was slightly distracted by a frozen worm crisis. You see, I thought I'd try my hand at the "jello worms" using straws that I've seen floating around the internet for a few years. The only trouble is that when I started pouring the jello down the straws, it just came out the other end of the straw, which of course makes sense but was not at all as advertised. Clearly my jello needed to be a bit thicker so that it would stay in the straws - and having the jello at the bottom being firm so I could pour the rest into the straws would also help. So I stuck it in the freezer for "ten minutes"... and then went to bed. Oops. Good thing jello can be melted and reformed! The worms eventually did work very well.


I also made mummy hotdogs and chicken, ghost strawberries, monster eggs, green spaghetti, lentil and rice stuffed pumpkin, ghost cheese, and veggies. We forgot to take a picture, but we also had bbq mealworms. When else to buy the gourmet bugs? (I've been dying to serve them to my kids ever since I first noticed they were available) We invited all the neighbours to come and munch our spooky snacks before trick-or-treating. Some of them were even brave enough to eat the bugs!


Erika, Elizabeth and Bianca went trick-or-treating with Brendan. Matthew, Nico, Simon were theoretically in a separate group with Nico's mom and Richard because Matthew and Elizabeth insisted they wouldn't want to trick-or-treat together, though I gather they mostly stayed in one big group in the end. Amelia went with Lorianne.

Michael and I walked down the street with little Elizabeth and Charlotte, and back up the street with Maggie from a few doors down. Auntie Janice manned the door.


Much candy was acquired, so much that the girls ran out of space in their bags and Elizabeth started filling her hat and Erika stuffed her sweater.


On the way home to drop Erika off, Janice, Elizabeth, Erika, Matthew and I all went to the scary house on Fourth Avenue. It was quite something with all kinds of people hiding ready to jump out at you. Matthew wasn't sure about it at the last minute but since he's been talking about it for weeks I decided I would encourage him to go. He was very proud of himself. There was a very creepy man hiding in the bushes with a chainsaw and the kids weren't too sure about him until all of a sudden he said "Hi Matthew!" Turned out it was John, the older brother of the kids that share our bus stop! I don't think he recognized Elizabeth under all the green paint though.


Then Elizabeth and Erika went to a couple more houses on Sunnyside before calling it a day. My kids ended up with 8.4lbs of candy for the switch witch (after basically unrestricted access for two days) - yikes!

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