October 20, 2018
Douvris Halloween

There was theoretically an out of town tournament this weekend, but the Toronto version was cancelled, Matthew was grading and the Douvris Halloween party was scheduled for the Saturday evening since the world's are in Dublin Halloween weekend. So we told Elizabeth that she could either go to the tournament OR the party and that was that!


The girls kind of outdid themselves with the creepy costumes. I may have gotten a bit nostalgic for the days of the homemade robot costumes. Elizabeth is vowing to take pity on me next year and try something cuter.


The kids were so excited for the party that they got ready a couple of hours early. It was sensei Cody's birthday, so they all made him birthday cards (but I only got a photo of Matthew's - they were all very nice though).


This year the party was split into two parts by age, with Matthew's haunted maze being much less creepy, which was nice. Maria didn't appreciate the haunted maze. Elizabeth insisted on taking me through. I may have shrieked a couple of times. I think the maze designers were quite satisfied with themselves.

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