October 4, 2018

It is now firmly fall, even though the temperature has been swinging wildly and we've had quite a very +30C days. Amelia is very excited to be wearing long sleeves and sweaters, even if the thermometer doesn't always agree.


Fall means that we have a new "household deficiency" list to work on. Twice a year we walk around our house and photograph all the outstanding maintenance items, prioritizing them.


This year we ended up with a list of about 80 items - quite a few that we wanted done "before winter". We've been working away on the list ever since.


In addition to many of our regular fall tasks, we replaced the patio doors, cleared out the garage, repainted the exterior garage walls, replaced the raccoon's toilet (aka the little roof at the back of the garage), and rerouted our TV cable under the house extension. The last one represents a big milestone because the kids were actually able to go under the house and do a lot of the messy work. This is good because I'm getting to the life stage where I no longer think this is exciting and Brendan just doesn't fit. I am also no longer comfortable sitting up on a roof or climbing a ladder. My balance changed quite a lot after pregnancy and it just doesn't seem to be coming back. I did manage to do what needed doing but I was NOT happy about it.


One thing that we haven't yet had to do is raking leaves. Not having to rake is one good thing that has come out of losing our beautiful tree.

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