October 28, 2018
Snow, NAC, GNAG Halloween, dinner

Sunday started with shrieks of joy at discovering the first snow of the season outside. Matthew and Amelia got ready in record time so they could play.

Elizabeth had a sleepover birthday at Olivia's the night before, so we went to pick her up (in a blizzard). Then we picked up Elizabeth's friend Juno and took her to church with us. After church we quick ate lunch and dropped off Michael at Uncle Chris and Auntie Yukiko's house and headed to the NAC. We got to try out many percussion instruments before enjoying their special Halloween show for kids. I completely forgot that we were allowed to wear costumes, which would have simplified our logistics. Oh well!


The Halloween show was super fun because most of the orchestra was dressed up. The conductor came out on stage in a coffin (he was Count Dracula). Elizabeth's favourite costume was the double bassist with an octopus on his head. I quite liked the scuba diver violinist, but my favourite was probably the clarinet with a recorder through his head. Amelia liked the lady with the bright shoes. Matthew thought the pirate was pretty good. We weren't sure what the lady with all the balloons was (a cloud? grapes?), but I was amazed that she could still play! As the various instruments were played, the NAC broadcast a closeup of the musicians onto the video screen. It was very entertaining - so much so that the kids missed some of the dance numbers altogether because they were too busy watching the orchestra. One thing Matthew did not like was the green smoke machine which smelled awful. He felt they could have achieved a similar dramatic effect in other ways. He had a point!


After the performance we went home and quick changed into our costumes. We were going to pick up Michael, but he had fallen asleep so Uncle Chris and Auntie Yukiko decided to keep him until supper. I took the kids to GNAG for the annual Halloween party there. We started out with a Halloween version of a Christmas Carol, which could have used a better script writer in my opinion. The kids enjoyed it though, mostly because there was candy thrown into the audience at the end.


Afterwards we went around to all the games which was about as chaotic as usual but less frustrating because they were giving out stamps for effort instead of skill. All the staff were greeting Amelia and Matthew by name which Matthew adored and Elizabeth found quite annoying (she never really did programs there so they don't know her).


Matthew's favourite game was shooting nerf bullets at obstacles over a spider web. Elizabeth enjoyed the "use tweezers to feed the elephant pompoms" and Amelia liked the balloon room. GNAG usually has two spooky mazes, but the less spooky maze became a kiddie activity room this year. Elizabeth felt herself a bit too big for it at first but eventually had fun doing the activities. There was discussion about whether she wanted to do the seriously scary maze but she did not want to do it by herself and it was not appropriate for the younger two. I offered to do it with her after the other two got picked up by Daddy but she decided she wasn't brave enough. I was quite relieved (shh...)!


After we were done we headed to Sunnyside to find Michael and have supper! The supper was wonderful - super tasty and really nice to have this branch of the family back in Canada. Amelia and Matthew spent much of the time pretending they had been raised by wolves and we are vowing never to take them anywhere to eat again. Michael did really well - he was mommy-less from about 1:30 to just after 6pm - the longest stretch I've ever left him! He's growing up!!

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