June 10, 2018
Wizard of Oz

Janice and Erika came with us to see Elizabeth's production of the Wizard of Oz.


It was super fun to watch - Elizabeth's friend Olivia was Toto so there was almost always someone we knew onstage. Michael mostly nursed and filled his diaper during the production - just pees and I didn't want to be up and down the aisles disrupting everything so I was terrible and just changed him right there. Seven times. It's not as unhygienic as it sounds because I can quickly put the new one on, then whip the old one off without touching anything, plus I did have wipes to clean my hands afterwards. I didn't quite get away with it because we encountered the curse of little boys at one point when I was a bit too slow. Hopefully I don't regret admitting this on the internet. Also I hope Janice's hat recovered. Nothing else other than my pants and dignity got sprayed.


Anyway, the dancing was very good, we enjoyed the show and we were impressed with our daughter. So a win all around.

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