January 30, 2010
11 Months

Elizabeth turned eleven months old January 28th (already?) so it's time for pictures with the bear again.


At eleven months she is somewhere between 71 and 73cm tall, depending on who is measuring.  She weighs about 16 and a half pounds.  We got a wii fit for Christmas and her baby stat graph is pretty flat, although if you zoom out you can see that there is a very slight upwards trend.  This causes mom to worry about whether we are feeding her enough and/or whether we should be avoiding wheat.  Elizabeth's favourite foods include cheese cubes, blueberries, grapes, rice, broccoli, pasta, pretty much any kind of bread product / baked goods and cheerios.  She has definite food preferences and is extremely good at picking out food that she likes (even selectively spitting out what she doesn't want to eat!)  She loves to drink water (but only a few tiny sips at a time) but won't touch juice.  She thinks it is great fun to take a big gulp and fountain it over the closest person though, so perhaps it's just as well.  Mom is still her primary source of liquids. She is very proud of her two bottom teeth but has quickly learned that biting is not allowed.  The few times she bit Mom while nursing she was handed unceremoniously over to Daddy who put her to bed!  She seems to have gotten the message.


In fact, she definitely understands what is and isn't allowed.  Often she'll wait for our full attention before touching something (electrical cords!) that is not allowed, then plunge towards the forbidden object giggling wildly.  She's taken to splashing wildly in the tub. 


We're down to only a couple of diapers a day, and although she needs to go to the washroom around 11:30pm and 6am, we usually are dry at night, it's when she's busy playing and we're busy trying to get some work done that we have accidents.  She almost always poops in the toilet instead of her pants though.  This alone makes the extra work of "elimination communication" completely and utterly worth it for her parents.


Playing peek-a-boo is a favourite activity.  This is one of two things she'll do with strangers, who are currently defined as anyone who isn't Mom, Dad or Auntie Janice.  The other is waving bye-bye...


She still loves to take all the clothes out of the laundry basket, but is starting to try to fold socks when she isn't eating them.  She spends a significant amount of her day flipping pages in her various board books, "reading" to MumMum and Dada and her various bears.  She crawls everywhere, but loves to "walk" holding onto our fingers.  She can stand unassisted, but doesn't seem that interested in doing so and Daddy's only ever seen her do it once (much to his chagrin).  She climbs our stairs from the ground floor to the third floor several times a day.  She's pretty fast!  Recently she discovered how to turn in circles.  She loves to spin around and around and around and around.  She also likes to look at the world upside down, arching her back and touching her head with her heels.  Babies are ridiculously flexible, apparently.

On February 4, 2010 at 09:02 am
Marie said:
Sounds like she is doing fabulous. She looks healthy not like she's failing to thrive. Some kids gain weight slowly. But I know you know all that.

Hooray for EC! I wish we had done it faithfully from the beginning. We're struggling to get those poo poos in the potty at 4.5. Like Elizabeth, Jack was dry early on...the poo poos however are very much unlike Elizabeth!

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