June 18, 2018

Matthew and I stumbled across the Ottawa Insectarium when we were downtown for Poutinefest and he has been bugging me (ha!) to go back ever since so he could see the insects and buy things from the gift store with his allowance.


Elizabeth does not like bugs, so she opted out. I picked Matthew up early from school and we went to check it out. It's quite small but the kids really enjoyed looking at all of the things on display. Matthew would have liked to buy all the things but eventually settled on a spider watch, a water game for Amelia and honey sticks for everyone else. Then he promptly "lent" the watch to his friend overnight and never saw it again but that's another story.


On the way home we bumped into Auntie Yukiko on the bus!

On May 12, 2019 at 10:12 am
Grandma Henderson said:
That green insect matches your shirt, Matthew! We had one just like it hopping around our group yesterday!

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