December 1, 2018
Ballet Recital

Elizabeth's ballet class this year is too intense to permit time for a winter recital, so for her first recital Amelia didn't have to share the spotlight! Not bad for a second middle kid...


On our way to the theatre I realized that I hadn't properly explained things to Amelia when she started telling me we were going the wrong way. Turns out she thought the recital was in her classroom and she was not amused to find out otherwise. Luckily she has a tight connection with Miss Rory (the fourteen year old helper in her class) and once Rory invited Amelia to sit on her lap everything was okay with the world again.


I was invited to stay for the dress rehearsal, which was really great because I had a wonderful seat and NO wiggly baby trying to grab the camera during filming.


Amelia did a great job and we were very relieved that she did not follow through on her threat of doing her own dance. We may have resorted to bribery.


Elizabeth and Grandma ducked out as soon as Amelia's dance was over as they had tickets to the Nutcracker! Amelia demanded a flower (like the other kids) as soon as I located her in the changing room. Luckily Auntie Janice is a softie and was willing to oblige, to Amelia's great delight.



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