December 10, 2018
Eleven months

Eleven months is pretty exciting. First steps! (Current consecutive step count is six)

Sleeping through the night! Sleeping in his own room! Able to climb out of the exersaucer, highchair and crib!


Michael is spending a lot of time standing up these days. He doesn’t seem very interested in doing a lot of walking all at once - I’d say he “cruises” less than his siblings but the number of steps here and there is steadily increasing. Mostly he prefers to crawl, often partially while seated. It’s all about getting into all the things in the most efficient manner possible.


Eleven months is obsessed with the forbidden. We had ant traps out for a few days and that was a nightmare as he made a beeline for the traps if put down anywhere on the same floor. We never bothered with child locks in the kitchen before this child, but he discovered the paper towel roll in the cupboard. He likes to bang the lamp into the wall. Luckily the Christmas tree is an adequate distraction...


He’s very fond of the swiffer. We have one that we let the kids play with (shortened handle) and he likes to stand in the kitchen banging the swiffer on the floor. Thump! Thump! Thump!  He also enjoys throwing things down the stairs and generally rearranging things all over the house.


With all the firsts, we are experiencing a few lasts as well. Now that the highchair is no longer safe it’s time to pass it on to someone else! 

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