January 6, 2019

The camels have made it to see baby Jesus. The galette des rois has been consumed and the fève located. Those kids not so keen on almond cakes (the girls) were mollified by the (re)discovery that our gold is made of chocolate.


We smelled our myrrh and actually borrowed Creighton's censer from church. Super cool!


Elizabeth demanded to see some real gold, so we showed her our wedding bands. She was then was horrified by our extravagance when we told her they cost hundreds of dollars. She thinks gold is "too expensive". 


Matthew is this year's Epiphany king and for once there was not too much whining by the kids who weren't so lucky. He was pretty chuffed and insisted on bringing his crown to bed with him. He declared today a "best day" because he got to see his number one buddy at church (even if her hair is different she's still his buddy, he's decided), he got to eat chocolate coins AND he's the king!


After supper we did the chalking of the doors and burned our incense outside - in our PJs. Then we followed the Epiphany king inside singing "We three Kings" laying down our gifts and heading right into bed.


School tomorrow! 

On January 22, 2019 at 11:49 am
Grandma Henderson said:
Matthew, you make a great king!

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