January 4, 2019
Sledding disaster

We went sledding at the "little" hill near us and I was extremely happy to discover that Amelia is big enough to go up and down all by herself. This means I can potentially bring Michael next time...


Amelia was a little leery of sledding at first - last time she went down the big hill at Bruce Pit she was still recovering from surgery and her tummy started hurting after a couple of runs. So she started out by rolling on the snow with no sled. Then I helped steer her down from halfway up. Then she decided it wasn't so scary after all and was fine after that.


Elizabeth spent much of her time inventing new tricks while I fervently prayed that she didn't injure herself.


Unfortunately, Matthew managed to steer into a rock and utterly destroy his sled. He was pretty sad, although his sisters were very good about it and let him have rides on their sleds. Amelia even gave up her last ride for Matthew.


We were just glad that Matthew didn't hurt himself.

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