January 2, 2019
Christmas adventures

We went to the aviation museum as part of today's Christmas adventures to participate in a couple of special programs.


Elizabeth insisted Michael needed to get dressed up and do all the things, so I let her since he seemed to be willing to play along. Amelia was sad that I didn't let them put on the space helmets (I'm still traumatized from that time when I was a kid and my sister got lice and I had to have the stinky shampoo). She was so sad, in fact that she nearly didn't participate. Luckily the guide's interpretation of getting into the rocket ship, blasting off, going into stasis and landing on the distance planet was distracting enough that she eventually forgot about the lack of helmet and got into the spirit of things. We got to see Kevin again and were given some pretty fun booklets (stickers!!)


The kids had to choose a career (biologist vs geologist) by picking up rocks or aliens and then they got to go into the bubble. When we came out there was a surprise sandstorm but luckily we could all hide in the little tents. Michael was not excited about that part.


Then we had about half an hour to wander around the museum before the candy drop tour (aka collect many many stuffies, then learn about Nunavut before a model plane drops candy on your head). Before the tour the kids decided to go play on the little planes and randomly met up with Kaitlyn and Michael (and Michael's brother Stephen). So we dragged then on the tour as well until they had to leave for a sightseeing flight.


Back home, Elizabeth completed one of her burning goals for the holidays "make a musical instrument out of recycling". We didn't quite understand why it was so thrilling but she was very happy.


We finished off the day with a formal New Year's resolution - to institute a weekly "Family night". We decided to try our new kid's version of ticket to ride. I was quite impressed as the older two were able to play completely independently.

On January 22, 2019 at 11:58 am
Grandma Henderson said:
Great astronaut pictures! The museum does a great special program. What kind of music resulted from the instrument?

On January 23, 2019 at 09:12 pm
Mary @ Parenthoo said:
Percussion style. Mostly imitation storm (aka this is rain, this is thunder).

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