January 7, 2019

We were all excited to go back to school this morning. Well, actually the kids all demanded an extra day of Christmas but Daddy said nooooooo so that was that.


Elizabeth has a new teacher after hers abruptly announced right before Christmas that she had a six month sabbatical planned and wouldn't be back this school year. Elizabeth seemed less enthused about returning to school than normal but once the possibility of a Christmas extension was squelched she decided she would like to go back after all. Matthew was lukewarm as usual and Amelia was truly enthused.


So of course it was Amelia who woke up "hot" with a fever of 38C. She was sad to miss the first day back. It was my turn to make (rainbow) playdough so she was looking forward to playing with it. But she has caught Michael's cold and the two of them are snotty, coughing and miserable so home's the best place.


She napped a bit in the morning and then later we made her a little nest in the office so she could watch some Peppa pig without Michael "noying" her. By the time Grandma came fever was gone and she was bouncing off the wall.

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