December 20, 2018
La lièvre et la tortue

There was a big foofaraw at Elizabeth's school because the grade 4 to 6 classes did NOT have a Christmas concert this year. The school of course communicated this poorly, explaining very clearly that there would be an art show for the grade 1 to 3 classes, and the grade 4 to 6s would have an art show in June. Naturally, the parents were all "that's interesting, but is there also going to be a concert?".


Eventually it became clear that the answer to that was "no". I remain unimpressed with the principal who flat out lied to me when I asked whether there was going to be a note to parents to clarify that the art show was intended to be the replacement for the normal "spectacle". As in "it's already scheduled for Saturday". Turns out that someone complained about how long the concert was last year (which... really? They were always about what you'd expect, we thought; not overlong). So the principal unilaterally cancelled the whole thing with no consultation whatsoever. Shades of LAST year's foofaraw where apparently one or two students showed up extremely scantily clad and the principal decided to suddenly enforce a dress code effectively banning Elizabeth from wearing any of her shorts because Elizabeth has long arms. The uproar on that extremely sexist and stupid policy got the principal to back down and send it "for study" (we've heard nothing since), but I guess people were less outraged by the Christmas concert.


Now, we didn't exactly mind as we aren't exactly thrilled by the recorder and xylophone playing parts - they are comically terrible, mostly because the music teacher leaves much to be desired.


Luckily the rest of the school is fantastic.


Anyway, long story short, I guess Elizabeth's teacher felt that she needed some kind of replacement, so she got the class to memorize a pile of short plays and put on a little drama show all based on Aesop's fables. Elizabeth's group was assigned the Tortoise and the Hare. The students all did much better than I was expecting (I was expecting much mumbling and stammering through lines). Elizabeth's group was actually by far the worst, as their narrator did not know her lines and had to keep consulting the book. Elizabeth has a phenomenal memory and therefore knew her lines cold, but she did not know enough to memorize her cues and so kept having to be prompted. Even so, it was all surprisingly entertaining and I was very proud.

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