December 2, 2018
Carols and Lessons

Our church sings a lovely nine carols and lessons service every advent.


Elizabeth and I sang it once before, and this year Matthew decided he was old enough to sing too. Elizabeth learned the soprano and Matthew sang alto with me. New this year was a latin version of O Come O Come Emmanuel, which was right up our alley since singing O Come O Come Emmanuel is part of our daily Advent traditions. I was worried Matthew would find this piece too challenging, but to do him credit he memorized the entire thing and sang it without coming in on the rests or otherwise standing out. He actually memorized an amazing amount of the pieces. He did still have a tendency to get wiggly, but I thought he did extremely well for his age. I was pleased that he decided to only sing in the morning service as I had visions of him setting his hair on fire or something.


In the end I think we did a good job and I personally found it a very meaningful advent contemplation.


Lorianne and Oliver came for the evening candlelit service, while Grandma and Auntie Janice came to hear us sing the morning service.


You can find the service online at the St Peter and St Paul website. The recording is a bit buzzy but gives you an idea.

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