January 13, 2019
Skating on the Canal

The canal was open again and the ice was supposedly not completely terrible so I decided I was going to go skating. Michael and Amelia are under the weather, and it was pretty cold so we decided they were NOT going to go.


Elizabeth wanted to go on a Mommy-Daughter date pretty badly, so I agreed that we could go without Matthew. Then we'd come home and Matthew would have some one-on-one time with Daddy working on his periscope. This, coupled with a promise of beavertails at home was enough for all to be satisfied with the arrangement.


We met up with Auntie Heather and Andre near Pig Island, and skated all the way downtown. Then we skated back to Fifth to get our Beavertails. By the time we were through we'd done about 9km, apparently.


Auntie Janice has signed up to be a skate patroller this season and she was working officially so we got to wave a couple of times. We didn't get a good photo but Auntie Heather sent me one that she took ;)

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