December 22, 2018

The 23rd edition of gingerbread featured 56 people, 10 lbs of icing sugar (and thank goodness for neighbours with extra icing sugar because I actually ran out!), three dozen egg whites and four batches of dough. There was lots of candy. So much candy. Our teenaged babysitters Emma and Alida successfully managed to prevent our house from getting demolished by sugar crazed children, and helped my kids make their own stuff with no help from me or Brendan!


Shout out to Auntie Janice who did this year's pre-baking and watched all the cookies to prevent burning! Dianne also made SO MANY batches of icing - thanks are due to the many helpers without whom this crazy event would descend into pandemonium pretty quickly. Fun times!


Amelia made a rainbow, Matthew made a Christmas helicopter with an epic backstory and Elizabeth made a water slide. Michael had a great time smashing up some cookies left behind. It was the first year that the kids had IDEAS about what they wanted to make and I was very pleased with their creativity.


Uncle Dave and crew had structural failure, and declared their house to have been hit by a tornado.


We had a manger, an airplane, a wand, a castle, Santa's sleigh, houses and lots of beautifully decorated cookies. David's rocket and Catherine's Christmas tree were probably my two favourite creations.


I forgot to buy sharks for the first time in about fifteen years. I promise there will be sharks next year. Can't wait to see what people will build and thank you all for coming!

On January 22, 2019 at 01:06 pm
Grandma Henderson said:
Great creations! Would love to hear the story behind the helicopter.
On January 22, 2019 at 01:06 pm
Grandma Henderson said:
Would love to hear the story behind the helicopter. Lovely rainbow. Finally saw the waterslide! Great creations!

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