December 12, 2018

So apparently while we were out partying the other day some random car pulled into our driveway, the driver jumped out and ran off somewhere while leaving the car in gear.  The car proceeded to inch its way forward and grind itself into the side of the house.  We only found out about this because our neighbour happened to mention it.  They apparently heard a loud crash and looked out to see a car driving into our house.  Figuring that the car was there to see us (since it wasn't there to see them) they left it at that.  After reviewing security camera footage, careful examination of the damage and parts left behind by the vehicle and canvasing neighbours we've developed the following story.


Delivery guy pulls into driveway and hops out of the car to deliver package.  As he walks towards the destination he glances down at the address one last time.  Ooops, he got the wrong address, turns around and wonders where his car is and where that awful noise is coming from... Oh #%#@!  He runs back to find his car smooshed into the side of our house (driver's side against the house).  Climbs into the car from the passenger side and slowly reverses back into the driveway.  There he contemplates his parking failure and possibly makes a quick phone call.  He recovers a few of the pieces of his broken side mirror and leaves.  He drives a blue Ford Focus.  Model year between 2008-2011.  He has extensive damage to the bodywork on the driver's side of his vehicle including a now defunct side mirror and possibly a damaged tire.


He never came to our door or as far as we can tell the doors of any of our neighbours for several houses in all directions.


We spoke with the police and as the house had no damage beyond some paint and rubber transfer they were not interested.


You read about people driving into houses and think that will never happen here.  Our house is 50 feet back from the street on a super quiet street.


On the bright side his car hit our house and not the neighbours where the same trajectory would have hit their gas meter.  That would have gotten overly exciting very fast.

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