February 2, 2019

Winterlude has begun, so after the piano recital we took Angie downtown to check out the ice sculptures. They've moved to the Byward market this year, which is annoying because we can't easily walk over to see them after church or on the way to the NAC, but awesome because they are right next to my favourite gluten free bakery (Olive and Chili's).


Brendan dropped us off and we watched the sculptors at work for a while. We got a free Winterlude coin and then headed into Olive and Chili's to warm up. I did not make the mistake of putting cookies in my pocket or anything this time...


After lunch we checked out the chimes in the market and hopped on the snobus and headed to Quebec, where we discovered that there are NO ice slides for the second year in a row - just tubing.I was kind of annoyed having asked the organizers on social media (twice!) whether the ice slides were back and had been told yes. It was hard to get a straight answer on the ice slides last year too. Sigh. Oh well, tubing is still fun.


We did the tubing twice - and yes, I went broken toe and all as I felt that it was pretty safe. For the record, I would not have gone down the ice slides as I would have worried about my toe hitting the side of the slide.


The kids enjoyed the clowns wandering around, including a windsurfer who went "surfing" on the snow and a drumming group.


Then we took the bus home to Kettleman's bagel store where Daddy picked us back up since I'm supposed to be staying off the foot as much as possible.


In the evening we went to the Foolish Chicken for dinner. "Two restaurants in one day!" There was discussion of whether it might have been the best day ever, but Elizabeth decided in the end her visit with the sloth and being a bridesmaid at Rachel and Creighton's wedding beat it out.

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