February 24, 2019
Winter Feast

As part of our family's winter bucket list this year Matthew demanded we have a winter feast, a concept enthusiastically endorsed by Elizabeth and Amelia. We've been discussing what exactly constitutes a "winter feast" ever since and finally settled on a menu.


Turns out that a winter feast is a fancy seven course meal as follows:


Starter (Hors d'oeuvre): Garlic Bread

Potage (Soup): Leek and potato

Fancy Jello

Poisson (Fish): Cucumber, cream cheese and smoked salmon bites

Entrée: Chinese fondue with chicken and beef

Sorbet as palate cleanser

Salades: Caesar Salad

Fromage: Pizza fondue

Dessert: Chocolate fondue and s'mores roasted over the fire


Matthew also wanted to have juice (a big treat here as we rarely have juice), ideally "the kind of fancy juice Amelia's godfather brought us at Christmas". We settled for Fruitopia and Lorianne's Sunrise drink (lemonade with grenadine).


Eating in front of the fire was deemed the ultimate in fancy but Matthew agreed we could eat some of the courses at the table with Lorianne's silver candelabra.


Elizabeth decided she wanted to dress up for the feast and put on her fanciest dress.


The kids thought it wouldn't be a feast if it was just our family, so Oliver and Lorianne joined us for the feast. Lorianne was able to put her etiquette knowledge to good use and told the kids many many stories during dinner based on story prompts provided by the kid. We heard "The Lady and the Tiger", "the girl that found a friend" (it was a duck, and she did not eat him at the end), "the tiger that wanted to fly" and "the scared kitten in the tree". I told them my grandpa's favourite Lady and the Tiger limerick ("There once was a Lady from Niger") and about the Jungle Doctor's monkey who tried to lift himself out of the swamp by his whiskers.

On March 3, 2019 at 00:15 am
Oliver Scott said:
Was great to be invited to be part of the feast.

Thank you :)
On March 3, 2019 at 00:18 am
Oliver Scott said:
Be part meaning joining.

Not that I was invited to be a course :p

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