February 18, 2019
Family Day

Grandma took most of the cousins snowshoeing this morning! I still can't go as my toe is still not healed but at least the kids could finally check this off their winter bucket list. Brendan was coming down with a cold so he decided he'd better sit this one out too.


We're probably the only people in Ottawa hoping for a long winter.


In any case, we met up with Michael and Kaitlyn at our house to check out our super awesome igloo before heading downtown by snobus to see the completed ice sculptures. They obviously sustained a bit of damage due to the mild temperatures last week but they were still very pretty. Maria was excited to find not one but TWO bear sculptures. We got to watch more carving being done as well. 


We had lunch at Olive and Chili's again. Elizabeth and Erika ate off in the corner because there wasn't enough room at the tables at first - they are growing up so fast!


It took us a bit longer to eat than anticipated. I think the girls were disappointed we didn't get across to Gatineau to go to the snow kingdom, but since it was "just tubing" they didn't complain too much. Matthew was feeling a bit cold so he didn't mind at all. We also didn't want to get trapped as the snobus was going to stop running. The weather was glorious - there was much frolicking in the snow on the way home and then the kids played in the igloo some more.


After Kaitlyn left the kids felt they hadn't had enough time in the snow (even though they had spent most of the day outside) so we grabbed sleds and headed to Brown's inlet. Erika and Elizabeth took turns while Matthew, Maria and Amelia used their own. There was much shrieking and laughter. All too soon it was time to head in.

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