March 10, 2019
14 months

At fourteen months, Michael (or "Pickle") likes trying to be like the big kids.


He just got new shoes, which are a great puzzle. He stamps his feet trying to figure them out, but so far doesn't take them off the way he did his boots.


He likes to play with the vacuum, piano and the swiffer. Stuffing things in and taking things out is a favourite game; it's the era of finding diapers in drawers, toys in the recycling bin and containers under the table. He's actually pretty destructive. Slamming things open and shut is also wonderful fun. It's remarkable that the sliding mirror closet door in our bedroom is still in one piece. He definitely knows he isn't allowed but it is irresistible.


Daddy resorts to carrying him around, especially when he's feeling particularly naughty. Daddy carries him around quite a bit...


When the kids come home from school he runs to Elizabeth and grabs her legs for up. Elizabeth loves playing with him and she's definitely his favourite person in the world. He likes to help Elizabeth brush hair, play violin, play piano. Matthew likes to roughhouse with him which is fun too, but he's just as likely to bop Amelia on the head as he is to play with her so usually they keep out of each other's way.


At fourteen months his favourite foods are cake, peas, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, peaches, Cheerios and meat. He also loves sushi, pickles and butter chicken. He is not a fan of banana, kiwi or melon.


He is VERY talkative.

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