February 10, 2019
13 months

At thirteen months, Michael is very giggly. He didn’t enjoy growing several teeth at once and briefly more or less stopped eating but is now up to 12 (?) and is eating again. He throws all his food on the floor when he is done eating. Or bored. There is so much food on the floor.


Thirteen months is apparently the beginning of some sibling rivalry and Michael has started fighting with Amelia. He'll actually bang her on the head with toys if not watched carefully. Or pull her hair. She's not amused. He knows when he's being naughty. He’s naughty fairly often... It's a good thing he's so cute.


He's talking more, with favourite words being “all done” and "oh dear". He likes to throw things on the floor "oh dear", he says. Some other common words are sister, Elizabeth, Amelia, Matthew, no, yeah, baby. There is much babble we can’t make out.


Michael now waves hello and goodbye, but tends to play shy when visitors come. He does like to play peekaboo with strangers.


Thirteen months also slithers down backwards on the stairs faster than we can walk. It's a bit terrifying, but not as terrifying as when he tries to walk down like everyone else holding railing and helper’s hand. The days of slithering are probably numbered.


Michael now goes to bed in his own bed every night, usually with Daddy (so no nursing to sleep anymore). He doesn’t stay there - instead bangs and wails on the door to come and nurse in the middle of the night. Mommy is usually too tired to put him back to bed, not to mention that nursing him in his own bed is not good for her back or neck! Night weaning is in his future, although probably after tenants move out to spare them some nighttime screaming.

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