March 18, 2019
Duty Girl

We were puttering around getting ready for school and all of a sudden Brendan said: "it's duty day today". Needless to say getting ready was a little rushed since I had to fit an impromptu visit to the grocery store for snack into the schedule!


Amelia was thrilled to be bringing mom to school. Amelia spent a long time playing with the little dolls. She didn't particularly want my help because I "don't know this game, just watch please". Part of the game involved catapulting one of the dolls into the air whenever he was naughty. He was naughty a lot. They have lots of cash registers and food items out right now and the kids played a fairly elaborate game of grocery.


At circle time Amelia was the weather girl as well as duty girl which seemed to mean she got to put the current weather on the calendar. They spent most of their time acting out various nursery rhymes such as the pussy cat who went to visit the Queen. Amelia helped by being both the Queen and the pussy cat.


The yard is too icy to play in right now so we played trucks upstairs after preschool. All too soon it was time for me to leave. Amelia has lunch club and cooking class on Mondays so she stayed a few more hours. She adores preschool and associated activities.

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