April 10, 2019
Michael fifteen months

At fifteen months, Michael is big and wiggly enough that it is challenging to hold him against his will. He's a very, very busy boy who likes to do what the big kids are doing. The other day he tried to imitate Elizabeth doing a cartwheel, with adorable results.


Lately he's been obsessed with doors, opening and slamming over and over again. He likes drawers and cupboards but he's particularly fond of sliding doors.


He likes helping wash dishes with Mommy and playing the piano with Elizabeth. He likes playing with Matthew's remote control and is starting to be able to get his car to move.


He's more talkative than ever, especially with other people who are starting to be able to understand a few words, like "Hello", "Goodbye", "No" and "Yes".


Michael's very fond of blueberries, frozen or otherwise. He also likes raspberries but not melon or banana. At breakfast this morning he communicated his desire for raspberries by pointing to the picture on the cereal box. He still throws food on the floor when he's done but knows this is "forbidden". Sometimes he'll give it to Mommy or Elizabeth instead. He's quite fond of feeding Elizabeth.


Now that he has shoes and the snow has melted somewhat he's been going to play outside. He likes to dig in the dirt and play in puddles.


He is in the process of dropping a nap, but usually sleeps around 11am and a second around 4pm. He can't open the door yet but if the door to the bedroom isn't closed he now gets out of bed and comes down the stairs instead of screaming.

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