June 22, 2018
Research on future

Matthew and Amelia were invited to come and participate in a research project on how kids see the future.


They were asked questions about what they thought they'd use when they were grownups like whether they'd have a school bag or briefcase. Matthew said he'd have a schoolbag full of money. Then they were asked a few questions about what they would like most when they grew up such as sticker books vs magazines, books vs storybooks, Curious George vs cooking shows, crosswords vs playdough and juice boxes vs coffee. Amelia answered everything based on what she likes now. Matthew answered based on the more obviously "adult" except he chose sticker books and Curious George.


Then they did a delay of gratification exercise - pick one now or get four later. Matthew chose to wait; Amelia chose to eat what was offered immediately. They could also choose to give hypothetical smarties to someone else. Matthew offered up 8. Amelia offered up 3, thus proving that Matthew is my more generous child (heh).


After they were all done they were allowed to pick a toy and they both picked out hatchimals. Elizabeth was SUPER jealous. Matthew and Amelia want to help the scientists again as soon as possible.

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