August 30, 2018
Death Science

I have mentioned our little war on Fred the rat that lives in our front garden before, but despite our best efforts the hole remains occupied and our pet snake seems to no longer be frightening any of them. In fact said snake has acquired quite a few teeth marks around the neck so the vermin may be onto us...


Anyway, Brendan had been doing some research and apparently one can painlessly and humanely get rid of rodents by plugging all their holes and stuffing dry ice down the tunnels. The oxygen gets displaced and the rats all suffocate. We figured it was worth a try and in any case it's always fun to get to play with dry ice...


So our science homeschool theme this week was death by dry ice... Most of the dry ice was lovingly placed down the main tunnel after we blocked up all the outlets we know about and then we looked up a few experiments that you can do with leftover dry ice and tried them too. The most successful was definitely the "make a giant soap bubble". Sadly the rat tunnel system appears to be too well established and well ventilated and the death part of our science experiment was a failure.


Brendan's now ordered a kind of diving board trap that is supposed to lure the rodents to a watery grave.

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