April 2, 2019
Maria is orange-green

Maria finally got her orange-green belt, two months after she technically made the grading list. She happened to be away for the critical stripe classes for the last two gradings which meant that she missed the gradings. In any case they finally noticed and decided she shouldn't wait for a third time but get her belt the next class! Unfortunately Matthew and I didn't make it back from music in time to watch but we did get to see her new belt. I continue to be particularly impressed by how precise Maria's karate is, given that she insists she is no good and is quitting as soon as she gets her green. Seems like a real shame but apparently she isn't good at changing her mind.


In other news, Erika picked up another stripe on her belt! Elizabeth is excited because once Erika is a green belt she can start earning her red leader badge.

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