August 8, 2018
Canoe tipping, Pony, Art and Karate on the beach

Ponies were ridden (or touched), art was made (really cool art with lots of steps and unusual supplies), lunch was had in Bracebridge, and perhaps most importantly the canoe was tipped (repeatedly).  Mommy had been threatening for years now to tip the canoe on purpose so that the kids could learn how to deal with such and event.  They of course lived in mortal fear that Mommy would do so every time they went within ten feet of any canoe.  Mommy finally decided that this would be the year.  With the kids trembling with fear she tipped the boat in shallow(ish) water and after the kids resurfaced they immediately demanded to be tipped again, and again, and again.  They had great fun learning how to right the canoe, climb back in and bail it out.  In the end it was decided that perhaps this wasn't actually such a scary thing after all.  After all the excitement of the day the kids decided to do some karate practice on the beach to wind down.

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