May 26, 2019
First Communion

Elizabeth had her first communion today. I tried to talk Matthew into staying home but he insisted he was fine and since none of us wanted to miss this special moment we let him come. He seemed pretty chipper at church but afterwards he went to lie down in bed and pretty much stayed there all afternoon.


Shout out to Michael who drove five and a half hours to come to bear witness with us. Amelia counted his presence as the top "highlight" of her week, despite the weird face she's making in the picture with him. She actually dragged him up to the altar so that she could have a photo with her godparent in the same place as Elizabeth did with hers!


She received her first communion from Creighton, which was pretty special. After the service the first communicants came forward to be blessed in front of the whole church. Then we had cake! Afterwards we came home for more cake and Elizabeth's baptism anniversary since we happened to have all the godparents in the same place at about the right time!

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