May 25, 2019
Great Glebe Garage Sale

Matthew was not feeling well and Brendan had to go to Home Depot, so although the girls really wanted to go check out the garage sale they had to content themselves with staying on our street. Although they complained bitterly about this restriction it didn't seem to stop them from buying a ton of random stuff, mostly various desserts from the pink ladies on our lawn and toys from our neighbours across the street.


Elizabeth bought Matthew a plastic cheetah and some lego which was very much appreciated by the pale, exhausted sickie who was so sad to be missing out. Amelia bought Michael a fire engine because she thought he ought to have it. She also got herself some books. Elizabeth found a random small elephant.


Auntie Janice soon was up and volunteered to take them to the community center. Amelia was very keen to go because her afternoon teacher was apparently painting faces and selling sno-cones and COTTON CANDY. She bought some cotton candy and Elizabeth got a sno-cone but I think they were too early for the face painting. They came back all sugared up with much chocolate and big smiles.

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