May 26, 2019
Race Weekend (Children's Marathon)

Matthew had stopped throwing up Saturday afternoon and insisted he was fine to run. Since Auntie Janice was being a medic that morning and it was such a short distance we decided to let him. He was very excited to run and explicitly told Elizabeth that she should run ahead. "I want to know what I can do on my own" She finished in 4:37, he finished in 6:33 (bettering Elizabeth's time at the same age, to his great satisfaction and her chagrin).


Elizabeth was so fast that Daddy didn't even notice her running by at the finish. I thought I saw the back of her head - twice.... Obviously I was wrong one of those times but it was hard to see as I was holding both Michael and Amelia up so they could see over the barrier. The race was NOT small child spectator friendly just there. Next year Elizabeth's planning to wear something more distinctive on her head so we can pick her out a little more easily.


They were very happy to get their medals and head back home to change for church.

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