May 8, 2019
Optometrist part two

It was Elizabeth's turn to go to the optometrist and this year she's a little near sighted but not worth prescribing for yet. Elizabeth had convinced herself she had Grandpa H's eyes so she was a little dismayed to hear the doctor confirm that she's pretty likely to end up with glasses sometime in the future. Just not yet!

On June 14, 2019 at 02:18 pm
Grandpa H said:
Dear Elizabeth,

I am "farsighted" and Grandma H and your mom and apparently you, are "nearsighted". It was nice for me to not have to wear glasses when I was young, but now my close-up vision requires glasses. I can still drive (long vision) without them, but it's frustrating that I need not only glasses, but the right inclination of my head to do any detail work such as reading, computer, electrical connections and similar (short vision) tasks. For many things - like taking a sliver out of my finger - I get Grandma H's "near sighted" help since even with the multi-focal glasses I can't see well close up.

Probably you have the better outcome!


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