May 11, 2019
Piano recital and Mother's day karate

It was piano recital day. Elizabeth had been at a sleepover the night before for Adi's birthday. We dropped her off after tournament team (the last one before Nationals so she couldn't skip it) and then picked her up early for the recital.


The recital itself was uneventful, except that Elizabeth had a fit of nerves right before. She was talking herself into a bit of a meltdown so we went and found her a piano to do a quick practice on and after playing through her piece a couple of times she settled down. Matthew decided he was going to play his piece from memory and did so quite well. Elizabeth was the last person to play and she was quite pleased about that. Amelia even managed to do her thing.


After the recital we went to the mother's day karate class and Elizabeth and Matthew put me through my paces while Daddy wrangled the other two and tried to get the odd photograph.


I took Matthew to his friend Sianna's birthday party (theme: LOL surprise) and while we were waiting for him I went shoe shopping with the younger two. The store clerk brought me one pair of shoes to try on at once, with a five minute interval in between shoes. Meanwhile Michael and Amelia were doing their level best to dismantle the store. "How do these fit?" the clerk would go. I'd put Michael down, try on one shoe. Michael would make a run for the exit. I'd run after him with one socked foot, setting off the store alarm because I was wearing the store product on the one foot. Michael secured, I'd put on the second shoe. I think I need a bigger size. I locate the clerk. He disappears. Amelia has to pee. She has no diaper because she's experimenting with potty training. Of course the nearest toilet is up the escalators and around the corner from the store. I tell the nearest staffer to tell our guy that we're coming back, because I can't wait for him. We bolt out of the store. We successfully make it to the toilet. We get back to the store. The clerk has meanwhile put away my shoes. It's a miracle that I buy anything, but I do manage to acquire new shoes and we aren't even late to pick Matthew up.


Brendan didn't quite understand why I was so determined to go out for dinner after that but he humoured me.

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