June 9, 2019
Dance Weekend

Three kids in dance meant that we had three separate recitals this weekend - Amelia in preballet on Friday at 6:30pm, Matthew on Saturday at 5pm in acro and Elizabeth on Sunday at 5pm. Actually Elizabeth was supposed to be in the Sunday morning production as well but she had a karate tournament so we begged off.


Amelia seemed more engaged than at Christmas. It's possible this had something to do with the promise of a Kinderegg if she did her best to follow the teacher. I felt that she made a big effort.


It was Matthew's first recital and he was VERY EXCITED. According to Matthew he doesn't dance - he does acro and they don't dance during acro but learn "stuff". Later he conceded they learned a short dance for the recital but seemed to feel this was interrupting the real classwork. He said he was watching the helper extra closely because she forgot their dance during the dress rehearsal and he wanted to see which parts she was going to leave out(!)


Elizabeth was part of the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. We were very entertained by the whole production - the studio seems to be getting better and better at these. Elizabeth's dance was very creative and one of my favourites. I also really enjoyed the croquet game which featured dancers contorting themselves over backwards into hoops and then the flamingo dancers "kicking" the little hedgehogs (who were 5 or 6 year olds) through the hoops. It was very effective.


All my dancers did a great job and Matthew was particularly excited to get a dance tshirt as well as his costume to keep afterwards.

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