June 2, 2019
Married for 18 years

To celebrate having survived 18 years of marriage we watched our daughter get her black belt.  We nearly went toilet shopping afterwards but decided in the end to settle for greek food at Arome Meze and a lack of fighting children at dinner (queue foreshadowing of the following day's outing).  Erika (with Auntie Janice as a backup just in case as Michael at bedtime can be a handful) was our intrepid babysitter. The food was lovely although we did find the presentation of the tiramisu rather hilariously unfortunate. After staring soulfully into each other's eyes for quite a while and wondering where the bill was we finally clued in that perhaps the wait staff were trying not to interrupt our moment.  Amazingly enough the house was still standing and the kids were all still alive when we got home.

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