June 19, 2019
Field trip day

Elizabeth and the rest of the grade fours had a field trip to the clip and climb gym followed by splash park today. Then Elizabeth and Olivia got picked up by Samia's mom and taken out for ice cream before they went to ballet together, and then acro.


I meanwhile went with Matthew to Valleyview Little Animal Farm with his whole school. Matthew told me he handpicked the friends in my group. They were very friendly but prone to wandering off in all directions so I spent most of the morning hollering out various kids names one after the other. "Léo, Nirriam, Aurora, Léééoooooo" I managed to get them all back to the bus in one piece though. We watched a short film about the farm, then got to ride on the train and feed the goats and then wandered around the farm on our own for quite a while. I'd say that the educational value was not super high, but it was very fun. Matthew had visited the farm before with Auntie Janice and dragged us around to all his favourite parts, especially the "secret passage" (aka mosquito infested pathway through the woods).


Our group was quite enamoured with the hamster wheel (aka how to skin your knees and risk concussion) and the teeter-totter. One of the kids in my group was quite big - a head taller than Matthew and possibly heavier than me so the teeter-totter physics were not great. Built to hold four kids but easily accommodating six or seven, kids were hopping on and off and it was a matter of time before someone got injured. Seeing as Erika had sliced her chin open and caused concern over whether she had broken her pelvis on one last year, I'm probably more sensitive about teeter-totter safety than some. So I spent a good half hour explaining teeter-totter physics in English and French and making the kids communicate before leaping off and think about the weight distribution first to avoid launching friends in the air and getting whacked with the rebound. I thought I was making progress until all the girls decided to sit on one side. The girls were much heavier than the boys and there was no seesawing happening until some of them got off. The boys were willing to redistribute and see if that helped (because they were all balanced towards the middle) but their end was high in the sky and even my entire weight was not enough to counterbalance the girls. We were at an impasse with the girls being initially confused by why they weren't going anywhere and then understanding the problem but absolutely refusing to do anything about it. Two minutes, then three minutes pass while they try to force other kids to get off. It might have been a full five minutes later that we were suddenly rescued by the staff from another school announcing their bus was leaving so all the kids from that school had to get off. Our kids were victorious! The teeter-totter began again. Then someone declared the sand was lava and a new set of problem solving was required in order to bounce the seesaw without touching the sand. Aside from my fear that the day would end with an ambulance ride it was quite amusing.


After we got back from our fieldtrip Matthew got a freezie, which we ate in the park before heading home... to the park to find Grandma, Amelia and Michael.


Amelia had her last ballet class of the year and Matthew tried out ballet for his first time too.

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