July 21, 2019

My cousin Ryan is getting married which is a great excuse for a party! The wedding party was busy with a rehearsal dinner the night before, so my dad got permission to host a "not rehearsal dinner" at Muriel's for all of the family coming in from out of town. It was super nice to be able to spend some time with extended family that we haven't seen in a while - some of them Brendan had never met!


Amelia described the party as "lots of strangers came to Auntie Muriel's house while she wasn't there". Michael normally isn't terribly excited about strangers but surprised us by almost immediately becoming very comfortable with Rachel and spent most of the night cousin bonding.


The next day was the wedding, also known as the great footwear debacle. Long story short we went shopping and bought tights and two pairs of shoes. Michael might have worn a sibling's socks inside out... (shh) The mall was mostly closed and they had no kid shoes. Then we went to the second mall and they still had no kid shoes but in disturbing news that was not a problem as we have discovered that Elizabeth's feet are now the smallest adult size.


The kids came for the wedding ceremony and cocktails, then we drove them back to Muriel's to hang out with a couple of sitters while we had dinner. Matthew's favourite part of the wedding was getting to take his photo with Uncle Ryan - "just me". Elizabeth liked getting to wear (our neighbour) Noemie's dress. Michael had new clothes too but I swapped out the shirt that came with the suit for one that matched Matthew

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