June 12, 2019
Medieval Cook

Elizabeth presented her end of year project today and we got to come and see it! She was a medieval cook (fun fact: she's wearing Belgian lace on her head and her Grandma J's wedding dress, along with a Phibian apron strategically folded to hide the logo). It was very nicely presented with all the kids dressed up as their characters and then telling us (in character) about their job at the castle. I kind of groaned when Elizabeth told me she needed to find a costume based on an image she had research on the internet (aka parent homework) but in the end we found everything we needed at home, which was a great relief. I didn't even have to resort to sewing, though Elizabeth and I did cut up some fabric to make the blue overlay. One of her classmates made a dress out of linen for the serf costume. "I'm supposed to be very poor, but this material cost over CAN$100 at Fabricland", she said. I guess the price of linen has gone up. She wasn't too sure what they were going to do with the fabric after the project was over. Some of the kids put on a mini show - the buskers did a pretty terrible but adorable little performance of acrobatics and Elizabeth's classmate Philippe showed off his violin skills. He was in her class in JK so it was fun to see how he (and a few others) have suddenly grown up.


I was pleased to get our traditional end of year school photo with the teacher. Mme Hakima was a mid-year replacement for Elizabeth and I think it took her a while to really click but in the end Elizabeth greatly enjoyed fourth grade.

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