July 19, 2019
Farm Camp and On the Water Camp

Matthew and Amelia were at farm camp this week.


Matthew reported: "I have my own cow. I wanted to have Dinosaur but he wasn't in my section. I got to pet him even though the sign says no petting." Elizabeth: "Did you feed him the disgusting food?" Matthew: "Yes, I went into the place and got his food and it smelled terrible. Anyway, I choosed Mary. We didn't have the whole thing to pick from and I thought that one would be funny. Then we went to the donkey section and Amelia and I bumped into each other. There used to be two pacas but one was sick and passed out. Also there are two chickens in my room. There is a secret hay loft above the tractors. The farmers have a secret passage to get up there and the hay is green!"


We were quite amused that the highlight for both Matthew and Amelia was getting to go in the restricted areas. Amelia (with great glee) "Do you know the place where it has a stop sign? We got to go THROUGH!!!" They both really enjoyed brushing the cows and pigs. Matthew also was thrilled to squirt a pig with water. One of the days we stayed after camp to watch the cows going out to pasture. We got to pet a turkey and a bunny. Michael wasn't too sure about the turkey. Actually Amelia thought it was pretty scary too.


Meanwhile Elizabeth was at Dovercourt doing an On the Water camp. The first day she reported they walked ten million miles to a beach that was not Britannia but couldn't swim due to a red flag. Apparently that was okay because they had a sand castle competition and her team won. "There was a queen and a king and a princess and a village and we won by the way. We had lunch and I was very hungry because I finished mine very fast. We saw four ducklings and their mom. My favourite game was called Elephant ball. Then we played Squirt and sang a song with all the groups and then I went to my swimming lesson.


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